Paris Bernard has transitioned from an Electrical Engineering Major, to receiving a Business Degree with a concentration in Marketing. He then went on to receive his MBA from Texas A&M in 13 Months. He was (1) of 100 selected to a Presidential Special Initiative Program called the Army Materiel Fellowship Program which was specifically designed to bridge the gap in knowledge for DOD Army Civilian Workforce. He was selected for the program out of the thousands of applicants and the Army paid for his MBA with a Concentration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Since then he has served (6) Months on a Deployment with the 4-401st AFSB in Kandahar Afghanistan. He has also served (1) Year for Region IV Headquarters in Atlanta GA. All throughout his government career he has been known as a connector connecting the dots for those the need information while forging strategic partnerships and friendships over the years.

Vice President/COO

Rashad Moore has been handling day to day operations for the last (2) Years for his Company Northern Exposure which is comprised of several sprinter vans in several different states. As a former nurse he understands personnel and handling personal issues in an empathetic manner and being a family man he is great at multitasking and providing his attention to critical path missions throughout the day to day operation. Rashad Moore understands people, their habits and tendencies, and knowing exactly what they need to get the job done efficiently and most cost effective to preserve profits. In addition to Mr. Rashad Moore’s Nursing Degree he also has an Electrical Engineering degree. As a double major he has proved to be one of our most versatile partners not only in his IQ but more importantly his strong suit is his Emotional IQ which experts have proven to be most important when leading people and expanding Companies.

Director of Marketing

Julian Bernard’s relationships with Multi-Millionaires makes him a valuable team member in phase (3) of our Winners Connect Worldwide Expansion well past (20) Semi Trucks and (20) Amazon DSP’s.