About Us

In June of 2016, Rashad Moore was presented the idea of starting a transportation company through a known associate. The opportunity sounded great, Rashad jumped in, obtained three sprinter vans and partnered with a logistics company. One month after vehicle acquisition known associate backed out. Having zero experience in the transportation industry, Rashad was left running the company and with vehicle payments approaching, it was WIN or LOSE.

It became clear to Rashad through further research in his new found role that the transportation industry could create a legacy. Using his problem solving skills developed in his engineering career, fueled by the responsibility of taking care of his family, coupled with his COMPETITIVE NATURE...WINNING was the only option.

After one year of experience managing sprinter vans, Rashad knew that in order to create a legacy, starting a semi tractor division and partnering with like-minded individuals was necessary. Already in a business relationship with Paris and Julian Bernard on a concurrent venture, Rashad presented the opportunity to the brothers in December of 2017 and in January 2018 Winners Connect Worldwide, Inc was formed.

Paris and Rashad played Division 1 basketball at Grambling State University. Paris has his Masters in Business Administration and has been a government logistician for over 10 years. Julian Bernard is an entrepreneur and world traveler with a team of over 10,000 people in his organization. This trio, all competitive in nature, represent the WINNER’S MINDSET of the company. Because of Paris Bernard’s background in logistics, he made certain that the company had a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) system and goals that needed to be met within that system. Due to the system Paris set in place, Winners Connect Worldwide in just under two years, has grown to a fleet of 5 semi-trucks.

This company is set to continue growth by offering dispatching and consulting services. It’s all about finishing what you start and knowing WINNING IS THE ONLY OPTION!!!

This ambitious trio has a blend of entrepreneurial and professional skills to ensure Winners Connect Worldwide will make its mark on the transportation industry.